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Whether you're traveling on business or on vacation, our information about aircraft and flight operations will help you fly better and more relaxed.

Boeing 737-800

Rating for all seats in the Boeing. Where is the best place to sit with Ryanair? We have all the answers.

Airbus A320, Abstürze, Unfälle und Zwischenfälle

Where are the best seats on the Airbus A320? We have the presentation and rating of all seats in the aircraft.

Boeing 737

Which airline has had the most crashes? Which airlines have never been involved in an accident? We have all the facts, figures and data on accidents involving aircraft.

WLAN im Flugzeug

Which aircraft have wifi on board and you can use it to access the Internet during the flight with your smartphone, tablet and computer. We have the details.

Apple Airtag im Koffer im Flugzeug

Is it allowed to carry an Airtag or a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag in the suitcase to always know where your luggage is? Does this make sense and how do Airtags actually work? All answers in the article.

Sicherheit von Flugzeugen

Can an aircraft crash or even tear off its wings due to turbulence? How high is the risk of injury and what is the correct course of action? All answers

Boeing 787

Boeing's Dreamliner, the 787 is a long-haul aircraft known for its safety. We have all the data on accidents and crashes.

Komfort beim Fliegen

What is jet lag and what can help alleviate the time change syndrome? We have effective tips and all the info.

Flugzeug am Himmel

Many will have asked themselves the question: What is that plane flying in the sky right now? Many apps provide exactly this information and reveal the mystery.

Bei Gewitter fliegen

How safe is the Boeing 737 series? What are the accident statistics and how often has this type crashed and how many people were injured?

Schuhe ausziehen im Flugzeug

Traveling comfortably in an airplane is a dream of everyone. But is it advisable to take off the shoes and move in socks or barefoot on the plane?

Die besten Plätze im Flugzeug

Where the best seat is on an airplane is debatable - there is probably no such thing as the optimal seat... Because it also depends on the wishes and needs of the passengers.

Jogginghose im Flugzeug

Can and should you wear sweatpants on a plane? Absolutely, we have the top 5 reasons why you should wear sweatpants on the plane.

Flugmodus Absturzgefahr

If we don't turn off our cell phones on board an airplane, we automatically interfere with the electronics and cause the plane to crash. But is that even true? We have investigated.

Medikamente im Handgepäck, Flugzeug

What is allowed in the hand luggage, which medicines and tablets must be in the suitcase? What rules apply to prescription drugs? We have researched the details and all the information.

Gesundheit beim Fliegen

The well-being of passengers is close to the hearts of all airlines. Flying does not pose any particular risks directly. Nevertheless, there are special things to consider. We have summarized all the interesting information on this topic for you here.

Schwanger fliegen

Normally, air travel is not really a problem from a medical point of view, even during pregnancy. Here you will find the most important information on the subject of "flying during pregnancy".

Risiko Thrombose

One of the greatest risks that can arise during air travel is thrombosis. But what exactly does this mean?

Tips for more comfort when flying

Almost all of us have flown on an airplane, whether for business or pleasure, the plane is the mode of transportation of choice to get from one place to another quickly. Compared to bus or train, however, there are a few preparations to be made when flying so that the trip is a pleasure. There are numerous safety regulations, restrictions, and legal issues to consider. We help with many tips and tricks for flying, so that the flight is a nice and pleasant experience. And if something goes wrong and the luggage does not arrive, or the flight is delayed, we have many valuable tips and links so that the paperwork is kept small, and you solve the problem quickly.

Everyone has asked themselves, what belongs in the hand luggage? What can I take with me? What belongs in the suitcase? Are medicines allowed in the hand luggage on the plane? What should I pack so that I can make my trip as comfortable as possible. We help with comprehensive reports and tips. We know the best seats on the plane, help to avoid hidden fees on cheap flights and provide a lot of information about safety when flying.

The best seats on the plane?

We know exactly the answer to the question: where is the best place to sit on the plane? It is often not so easy to choose the right seat, especially when not all seats are available and you have to decide quickly for a seat. Often you are not traveling alone, but with family or friends, and choosing the right seats on the plane is important for a pleasant trip. We take a closer look at this and many other myths about flying. Especially the health in the airplane is a concern for us, ranging from safety regulations to simple information for traveling so that the trip to the vacation will be pleasant and stress-free. But also the correct behavior at the airport and in the airplane contributes to the relaxation, often one steps unconsciously into trouble and draws itself the displeasure of the fellow travelers on itself. This can also be a reason why the trip is not as pleasant as you had hoped.

Tips for traveling by plane?

Here are some tips that can help you make your trip by plane more enjoyable:

  • Plan ahead: make sure you book your flight in advance and have all necessary travel documents ready. Also, don't forget to check the entry regulations and requirements of the country you are traveling to.
  • Pack carefully: make sure you pack only the essentials and make sure your luggage meets the airline's guidelines. It's also helpful to stow important documents and valuables in your carry-on luggage to ensure you always have access to them.
  • Allow time: Be on time at the airport and allow enough time for check-in and security checks.
  • Choose your seat carefully: Do you want a window seat to enjoy the view or an aisle seat so you can easily stand up? Choose your seat carefully to ensure you get the seat that best suits your needs.
  • Pack light: try to keep your luggage as light as possible and have clothes with you should it ever be colder on board the plane.
  • Fear of flying? Allow enough time to get to the airport and have time to relax and calm down during stressful parts of the trip. Experience has shown that you will then start the journey much more relaxed, and any anxiety will feel much less dramatic.

All around flying

We deal with all aspects of flying. There are numerous myths about flying, which we explain in more detail, from hidden codes to routine procedures. While we haven't analyzed all of the more than 1,700 airports worldwide, we have taken a closer look at the most important ones, especially the best ones. What are the offerings for children and families, are they particularly dangerous? Where is the most luggage lost? Which airports are particularly prone to delays? What legal rights do I have as an airline passenger? We have researched all of this, as well as fun facts about flying and things worth knowing about flying, in individual articles for you and presented them in an exciting way.