Boeing 787 safety

How safe is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

The Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner, is an extremely modern passenger aircraft designed and manufactured by Boeing. Launched in 2011, the Dreamliner ushered in a new era of aviation as it incorporates many innovative technologies and design features that allow it to fly longer and more efficiently than any other passenger aircraft of its size. The 787 is best known for its passenger-friendliness, offering a more spacious and comfortable interior that is equipped with the latest technology and amenities. The Boeing 787 has become a major aircraft in modern aviation and is also a major milestone in terms of safety.

The Boeing 787 was designed to meet the modern demands of the aviation industry. The goal was to develop a large aircraft with a low noise level, also known as a "sonic cruiser". In particular, the aircraft was to fly longer and more efficiently than any other passenger aircraft of its size. One of the most important requirements was a significant reduction in jet fuel consumption to lower costs and reduce exhaust emissions. To achieve this, Boeing developed a new design with a high use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber composites and titanium. In addition, the aircraft's aerodynamics were also improved to reduce drag and thus lower fuel consumption. Another important objective in the development of the 787 was to provide passengers with a higher level of comfort, in particular through improved cabin air quality, larger windows and more spacious cabins.

The 787 is available in several versions, with all but the 787-3 (medium-haul, although this type has since been discontinued) designed for long-haul flights. The length of the aircraft ranges from 56.7m to 68.3m for the Boeing 787-10, and the largest configuration, with the narrowest seating, can seat up to 440 passengers. However, the largest configuration has a significantly reduced range of about 11,000km.

Boeing 787 safety

Difference to Boeing 777

The Boeing 777 and the Boeing 787 are both state-of-the-art and safe passenger aircraft developed by Boeing. Although they share some similarities, they differ in several important ways. To begin with, the 777 was developed in the late 1990s and the 787 more than 10 years later:

  • Size: The Boeing 777 is typically larger than the Boeing 787, with a typical capacity of 300 to 400 passengers, while the 787 typically carries between 200 and 300 passengers.
  • Range: The Boeing 787 is known for its exceptional range and can travel up to 15,000 km (depending on route and weather), while the Boeing 777 has a slightly lower range of up to 13,600 km.
  • Materials: The Boeing 787 is the first passenger aircraft to make extensive use of carbon fiber composites in its construction, while the Boeing 777 is primarily made of aluminum alloys.
  • Engines: The Boeing 787 is equipped with engines from Rolls-Royce or General Electric, while the Boeing 777 can be fitted with a wider choice of engines from different manufacturers.

In summary, the Boeing 787 is considered the more advanced aircraft due to its advanced materials, technologies and designs, while the Boeing 777 is known for its higher capacity and payload capability. However, both aircraft remain important options for airlines around the world looking for modern, reliable and efficient aircraft to carry their passengers safely and comfortably.

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Boeing 787 crashes

The good news is that there has been no fatal incident involving a Boeing 787. The positive balance is somewhat limited because the aircraft is relatively new and has therefore not been in service as often as other aircraft types. In total, since the start of production in 2009, more than 1,000 aircraft have been delivered and put into service to date. The type most in demand is the 787-9, and on an ongoing basis, airlines around the world are taking delivery of the aircraft, but there is not expected to be a higher likelihood of accidents despite the higher number of aircraft. The type has recommended itself as solid and safe for medium-haul or long-haul operations and is in corresponding demand among airlines. The probability of sitting in a 787 during a long-haul flight is extremely high.


The Boeing 787 is an impressive example of the technical feats of which man is capable. The 787 has also set numerous records in its class, setting the standard in the 200-250 ton aircraft class. This aircraft also sets new standards in terms of manufacturing. Suppliers are spread around the world and deliver complete assemblies, such as the wings and individual fuselage parts, which are produced in Asia.

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Frequently asked questions

How safe is the Boeing 787?
The Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner, is a modern and safe aircraft with many innovative features. There have been few issues in its short operating history (since 2011) that Boeing has quickly resolved. The Federal Aviation Administration and other regulatory agencies have thoroughly inspected and approved the Boeing 787 to ensure it meets the highest safety standards. The Boeing 787 is considered one of the safest aircraft in the world.
Has a Boeing 787 ever crashed?
There has been no fatal crash of a Boeing 787 aircraft to date. There have been some incidents involving emergency landings and technical problems, but none of them resulted in a crash or loss of life. Overall, the Boeing 787 is considered a very safe aircraft and is used by many airlines worldwide.