Tips & tricks when flying!

How to make flying comfortable and enjoyable

Inform in detail, book one or the other bargain in advance, prepare well, pack accordingly and there is hardly anything standing in the way of the travel pleasure. Especially traveling to other countries, the journey to the airport, here preparation is half the relaxation.

Boeing 737-800

Rating for all seats in the Boeing. Where is the best place to sit with Ryanair? We have all the answers.

Airbus A320, Abstürze, Unfälle und Zwischenfälle

Where are the best seats on the Airbus A320? We have the presentation and rating of all seats in the aircraft.

Apple Airtag im Koffer im Flugzeug

Is it allowed to carry an Airtag or a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag in the suitcase to always know where your luggage is? Does this make sense and how do Airtags actually work? All answers in the article.

Die besten Plätze im Flugzeug

Where the best seat is on an airplane is debatable - there is probably no such thing as the optimal seat... Because it also depends on the wishes and needs of the passengers.

Airlines, airports and co

Get all the relevant tips about your flight! You will find information on which seats you should reserve, how much and what you are allowed to take with you in the cabin, and tips on what to wear when flying. Also worth knowing when flying is information about the special features of the individual airports, such as the size of the offer of the duty-free area or if you are traveling with children, there are tips for comfortable travel and which airports are particularly well equipped for traveling with the little ones. Although many airlines charge for reserving comfortable seats, this investment is recommended, especially for longer flights. Find out in advance about the best seats on the plane, which vary greatly depending on the type of aircraft.

What you should definitely have with you when flying!

One thing right away, that the switched-on cell phone disturbs the on-board electronics is one of the many myths when flying. Even if the flight crew asks right at takeoff to turn off cell phones during the flight, it does not pose an immediate danger. In fact, cell phones in close proximity can interfere with the pilots' radio communications with the tower, and of course, talking on the phone in the plane disturbs fellow passengers and the crew. Your switched-on cell phone does not pose any safety hazard, nor does a hearing aid on the plane interfere with any electronic devices. You should always have them with you, because you want to hear all the announcements of the captain and all the instructions of the flight crew. Pay attention to your health on the plane, have your medication with you in your hand luggage, so you always have it with you even if you have to wait longer for your suitcase at the destination airport or - even worse - if the suitcase doesn't show up at all. On long flights, always make sure that you move your legs sufficiently and wear support stockings. If you are prone to thrombosis, consult your doctor before you travel to see if it makes sense to take an anti-thrombosis medication as a preventive measure. Also reserve a seat that allows you to stretch out your legs. We'll tell you which ones in a special post. Meanwhile, you can also equip your luggage with a tracking device; with an airtag in your suitcase, you can find out exactly where your luggage is.
Many a funny thing about flying also results from what is not allowed on board, silicone gel inserts are also subject to the 100 ml rule for hand luggage, many a push-up bra had to be left behind for this reason at the security check.

Save travel expenses when flying - this is how!

It is always favorable if you are flexible with your flight dates. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are usually the cheaper because not fully booked flights to find. If you specify a longer period of time when looking for cheap flights, you can finance additional days at your vacation destination with the flight savings. Careful comparison on one of the numerous travel platforms is therefore worthwhile! Last minute bargains are rather rare and only recommended for the really spontaneous, usually it is cheaper to book well in advance. Own bargain portals offer cheap packages and vouchers for flights of certain lines, but be careful to read the fine print. If you have to make a lot of stopovers when traveling to your destination airport, check out the offers at the various airports, they are more plentiful than you think. Also consider whether you take a later connecting flight and explore the surroundings according to the motto - the journey is the destination. With the comparison portals you can optimize the price of your trip. You know where you want to sit on the plane? Then check out our advantages and disadvantages of online check-in, then you can make the best decision for you here and perhaps also avoid waiting time at the counter. Night flights have the great advantage of giving you a whole day when you arrive at your vacation destination. If you're one of the lucky ones who can get by on little sleep or sleep well on the plane, you'll get more vacation for your money. Our best tips in a nutshell:

  • Time: Book your flight well in advance to compare the best deals.
  • Discounts: Often there are special discounts for certain routes, days of the week or groups of people (e.g. students or seniors)
  • Location: Larger cities often have more than one airport, airlines that fly to the outer airports are usually cheaper.
  • Luggage: Pay attention to the weight of your luggage, fees for excess baggage can be very expensive.
  • Frequent flyer programs: Deal with the conditions and take advantage of the benefits of earning miles.
  • Catering: Plan your trip carefully and pack your food accordingly, so you don't have to use the expensive offers at the airport or on the plane.
  • Entertainment: If they have brought their own entertainment in the form of books, tablet, etc. they do not have to buy expensive on board or at the airport.
  • Insurance: Insure your trip, but if something should happen and you need medical help, the costs are covered.

In conclusion, careful preparation for a trip helps save costs. Starting with the booking, the trip itself and fees.