The best seats on the plane

Optimal seats on the plane

As is often the case, it is debatable where one's ideal seat is on an airplane. Because it also depends on the wishes and needs of the individual passengers where it is best to sit. A window seat or an aisle seat, near the lavatory or as far away from it as possible. Some prefer seats near the emergency exit, while others are afraid of the cabin door located there.
In a nutshell, there is probably no optimum seat for everyone. But every passenger can find out for himself why he feels particularly comfortable in certain seats. We provide all the information you need.

The best seats on the plane

The advantages and disadvantages of the seats on the plane

Rows without front seats
As a rule, passengers in the first rows have particularly ample legroom. In addition, there is no longer any need to fold back the front seat backs, which is often unpleasant. Advance reservations have shown that these seats are usually more expensive because of the greater legroom. The disadvantage with these rows - they are often located behind toilets or the galley. Unpleasant odors, more noise and high frequency at the center aisle are sometimes the consequences.

Seats near the emergency exit
These seats are normally particularly easy to access and offer extra legroom. For safety reasons, however, they may not be allocated to people with disabilities, small children or pregnant women. One advantage - in an emergency, you're already where you're supposed to be. For this reason (according to statistical research) the seats by the emergency exit are considered the safest on the plane. Nevertheless, there is no need to be afraid when flying, airplanes are among the safest means of transportation. One disadvantage of these seats, however, is that no hand luggage may be deposited in the foot area, so as not to obstruct the escape route. Another negative aspect is noise pollution that cannot be ignored, because the emergency exits do not allow for optimal insulation. Sometimes there can also be a bit of a draft at these seats. On the other hand, it is quieter here because no children are allowed to sit near the emergency exit.

Window seats with a view
A seat with a view is particularly popular with many passengers. The downside - if you need to go to the bathroom or stretch your legs on a long-haul flight, you'll either have to climb over your seatmates or wait for them to clear the way. Where the nicest window seat is on the plane doesn't depend so much on the type of plane: all types have the wings about halfway up. Therefore, when choosing a row of seats, pay attention to where the wings are located and book with the appropriate distance.

Aisle seats
If you sit right next to the aisle, you have the possibility to stretch your legs there from time to time when there is nothing going on. In addition, you can stand up at any time without having to ask someone to make room. The disadvantage is, of course, that you have little peace and quiet because crew members or passengers are constantly passing by. Also, your seatmates within the row will need to use the restroom or go to carry-on luggage from time to time, this is a disadvantage of aisle seats.

Quiet seats in the front of the plane.
The seats in front of the wings of the aircraft are the quietest. The reason for this - the noise from the engines spreads to the rear.

The seats directly by the wings
Vibrations are least felt on these seats. So if you suffer from fear of flying, fear of turbulence, it is recommended to reserve a seat there in time. The disadvantage - the view is not undisturbed here because of the wings. However, for the technical enthusiasts, a place just behind the wing can be exciting. You can watch the flaps and the engines during the flight.

At the very back of the plane
Generally, these seats are the most restless. Not only because the noise from the engines can be heard much better in the back. Another reason is that the center of gravity of the aircraft is relatively far away here. Turbulence is therefore much more noticeable in this area. One advantage, on the other hand, is that larger aircraft not only have entrances or exits at the front, but often at the rear as well.

Seats with a wall at the back
The clear disadvantage - you can't adjust the backrest to the rear. The advantage - no one behind you can kick you in the back with their legs or accidentally pull your hair when you stand up.

In general, if you are early enough and sometimes want to spend money, you can secure the seats you want before you travel by making a seat reservation.

Seat Advantage Disadvantage
Rows without front seats A lot of legroom Either behind toilets or the galley
Seats by the emergency exit As a rule, more legroom Not available for all, no hand luggage in the foot area
Window seat View and no one wants to go through Annoying when you have to go out yourself
Center seats Mostly useful when traveling in pairs or groups From our point of view the whole place is a disadvantage
Aisle seats You do not have to ask anyone when getting up You are asked to stand up more often
Seats with a wall behind No one behind Noise of the engines louder and possibly toilet right next to it

Where is the best place to sit in the Airbus A320?

The widely known type Airbus A320 is widespread, so here we can give specific recommendations for the best seat rows:
We recommend seats 1A and 1F. More legroom than the rest of the seats, super view in front of the wings, incl. view of the engines and you get food and drinks, if included, as the first. Since the seat is also close to boarding, it's easier to exit the plane quickly after landing. All other seats in the first row are also great seats for this type of aircraft, although without a view.

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Aisle seat
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Window seat
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I do not care where I sit
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The special seat category XL seat

In addition to the different classes (First Class, Premium Class, Business Class or Economy Class), there are now also special seat categories. These are the so-called "XL seats" or "Seats Plus," which guarantee passengers an additional plus of at least 10 centimeters of legroom in exchange for cash.

Basically, despite all the known advantages and disadvantages of various seats, every aircraft is built and equipped differently. A preliminary information on the Internet about the peculiarities of the respective aircraft type can therefore help to really get the best out of the reservation.

Seats on the plane with long legs

Tall people have problems with almost all airlines to sit properly. The seating in the aircraft have economistic reasons and are therefore set very narrow, so there is always a very minimal legroom. Here, the best seats are definitely the seats by the emergency exits. Here the distances are usually a bit wider and tall people can sit more comfortably. The possible disadvantage is that you are challenged in case of an emergency. However, emergencies involving use of the emergency exits are extremely rare and many passengers may not even want to imagine the reasons for this. In any case, whether in the emergency exits or elsewhere, the instructions of the flight crew must always be followed. Regardless of whether you are sitting in the safest aircraft, the worst case scenario will almost never happen.

Sleep on the plane

Who wouldn't want to - fly at night, sleep during the flight and wake up relaxed at the destination airport. If you can, we recommend a seat by the window. There you don't have to let anyone out if necessary, and you're a few centimeters further away from the hustle and bustle of the flight crew than in the aisle. However, the disadvantage of the window seat is that if you have to go to the toilet yourself, you have to ask the person sitting next to you. So if you are someone who falls asleep easily, is difficult to wake up and rarely needs the toilet during a flight - then you are perfectly suited for the window seat and can enjoy the flight there in the best possible way.

Travel comfortably

Regardless of the place in the plane, the right preparation for the flight is also part of the todo list. What does it help to get the desired place to have stress on arrival, not favorable parking and perhaps even on the last print it to the gate to create. So, just why you read on this page which are the ideal places, just as you should prepare for the flight and also prepare your hand luggage, check the suitcases for the weight and carefully plan the arrival and departure to the airport.

In general, airplanes are extremely safe modes of transportation, so the choice of seat does not directly affect safety on a flight.

With free upgrade to a better seat

The most beautiful seats are, of course, those in Business or First Class. However, these always cost extra, as they are not only associated with more space but also with more service. If you are lucky, however, you may be able to get a free upgrade under certain circumstances. Then you can enjoy luxury at no extra cost. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Tip: To secure the desired seat, it is possible to check in earlier via online check-in and thus reserve the specific seat in advance online.


The best seats on an airplane in terms of comfort, space and service depend greatly on the particular aircraft and the type of service offered by the airline. In general, seats at the front of the aircraft tend to offer the most space and comfort, as they are usually in a quieter part of the aircraft and therefore offer more legroom.

On long-haul flights, seats with more legroom that are located in the front of the aircraft, such as those in the exit rows or divider rows, can be a good choice for passengers who want more space.

Of course, seats in first class and business class offer a high level of comfort and service. These seats tend to be larger, more comfortable and offer a wider range of amenities such as gourmet meals and premium beverages, but come at a significantly higher cost.

It's important to note that the best seats on an airplane vary by plane and route. Some airlines offer interactive seating maps on their websites that allow you to see the layout and design of the aircraft and select the seat that best suits your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Which seats on the plane are the best?
Generally speaking, you can't say that. For tall people, the seats by the emergency exits are more suitable. For people who get sick easily, the seats near the wings are better, and for people who are guaranteed to need the toilet more often, the seats near the toilets are better.
Which seats on the plane are the safest?
There are different views on which seats in the aircraft are the safest. In terms of turbulence, the seats by the wings are certainly the better ones, although this is probably not directly conducive to safety. Seats in the rear of the aircraft are statistically slightly safer in the event of accidents than in the rest of the aircraft. In the event of evacuations, the seats near the emergency exits are at an advantage, as it is possible to leave the aircraft more quickly here. Translated with (free version)