Backgrounds and exciting facts from the world of flying!

Details, secrets, urban legends and fun facts you always wanted to know about flying. From health to aviation myths, flight attendant insider info to macabre background facts, it's all here.

WLAN im Flugzeug

Which aircraft have wifi on board and you can use it to access the Internet during the flight with your smartphone, tablet and computer. We have the details.

Apple Airtag im Koffer im Flugzeug

Is it allowed to carry an Airtag or a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag in the suitcase to always know where your luggage is? Does this make sense and how do Airtags actually work? All answers in the article.

Flugzeug am Himmel

Many will have asked themselves the question: What is that plane flying in the sky right now? Many apps provide exactly this information and reveal the mystery.

There are many things to consider when traveling by air

You fly to a foreign country, a different culture, different legal situations. Then there are general rules for flying in general and then there are many things that if you know earlier, it is simply more pleasant to travel. This and much more we want to cover with our tips and tricks about flying. Know where the best seats are on the plane, what is allowed in the hand luggage and where there is still one or the other tip for longer flights or flights at night. Of course, there are also fun facts that make flying appear in a different light. Often not everything is as strict or regulated as one would like to believe. Especially with upgrades and these topics, it's a lot about people and the right polite behavior to gain an advantage.

Other countries, other customs. Of course, this sentence also applies to air travel to the destination. Each airline has, depending on the origin, different customs on board. So you can already make an important decision with the selection of the airline how the flight will proceed. So then it depends on the type of aircraft where you should reserve your seat. There we have all the important hints and considerations. Also the right luggage and what should go where we look closer. You can save yourself a lot of trouble at the check-in and the security check and start your trip comfortably. In general, the preparation of the flight is half the recovery. Packing in a hurry, forgetting half of it, then wrong things in the hand luggage and the journey is an ordeal. Therefore, we recommend to read our tips briefly beforehand and you have already saved yourself a lot of trouble and have a great pleasure on vacation or a good business appointment on the spot.