Sweatpants on a plane?

5 reasons why comfortable clothes are essential

First of all, yes, you can wear sweatpants on the plane. There are no special dress codes for air travel. Most airlines recommend comfortable clothing so that you can sit comfortably during the flight. Sweatpants are definitely part of that. However, it is important to dress appropriately and make sure your clothes are clean and neat. It is possible that there are special dress codes in certain airlines or on certain flights, for example if you are flying in business class or if you are flying aboard a private plane. In these cases, you should find out about the dress code in advance.

Sweatpants on a plane

Reason 1: Health aspects

Even healthy young people can have undetected vein weaknesses. If you then sit in the narrow seats in clothes that are far too tight and really constrict the veins in your legs, this can lead to thrombosis. In the hollow of the knee there is also a venous valve that helps organize the return transport from the legs to the heart. Especially when sitting, the return transport from the feet to the heart is more difficult for the circulation. This can also lead to swollen legs.

So, bought a nice comfortable jogging pants with which you feel comfortable even away from the plane and you even do something for his health.

Reason 2: Breathable lightweight clothing for different climates

Flights often take you to other climatic zones. Hardly anyone will change clothes on the plane and prepare for the climate at the place of arrival, although this also happens for sure. However, it is easier to choose light, breathable clothing, such as sweatpants, right from the start of the trip.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your travel clothes:

  • Consider the destination: make sure you take clothes appropriate for the climate and cultural expectations.
  • Pack lightweight and breathable clothing: Airplanes can get pretty warm, so it's good to choose clothes that are breathable and don't trap too much heat.
  • Pack in layers: Airplane cabins can vary greatly in temperature, so it is advisable to bring layers that you can put on or take off as needed.
  • Avoid attracting too much attention: In some countries, there are strict dress codes that should be followed to avoid attracting attention or appearing disrespectful. Unfortunately, often especially for women.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: It is important to wear comfortable shoes so that you can sit comfortably during the flight. Avoid wearing high heels or shoes with tight toes.

It is also advisable to bring a jacket or sweater, as it can often get a bit chilly on planes.

Sweatpants on a plane?
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Reason 3: Comfortable shoes and tops are stylish

After all, you should feel comfortable in the overall outfit. If you choose the sweatpants immediately fit comfortable sneakers and more T-shirts and sweaters perfectly to the style. Rarely, that jacket fits to the sports pants. So, calm courage, dress comfortably and fly better. Shoes in particular, in addition to the pants, are also important in terms of health, that they allow the veins to flow freely. Tight pants and shoes are therefore a risk and should be substituted with comfortable clothes.

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Reason 4: Sweatpants do not wrinkle

Who wants to arrive at the destination airport looking like they just survived the flight with sweaty, wrinkled clothes? That's right: nobody. Sweatpants are made to be comfortable, so they don't wrinkle and are perfect for getting cozy on the plane without worrying about your clothes.

Reason 5: Color choice

The last reason is not necessarily a reason, rather a tip: Please choose the sweatpants in subtle colors. The outfit is more casual than business, so you don't necessarily have to overdo it or look like a hummingbird. Therefore, it is advisable to go for subtle colors and just travel comfortably without attracting too much attention. Of course, it is an advantage if you travel as a family and the father of the family wears brightly colored pants: You will find him immediately even at the most crowded airport.


Our clear recommendation, especially for long-distance flights, or flights on vacation: Dress comfortably. It simply has many advantages. The only disadvantage is that you have to change before a business meeting or for dinner. But that should be the case after a long flight anyway. Another advantage is that the comfortable jogging clothes are usually not expensive. If this is damaged or soiled by eating or drinking on the plane you can easily clean that and if it is not cleanable, the damage is not very big.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it allowed to wear sweatpants on the plane?
Yes, for sure! There are indeed for each airline own guidelines also what concerns the clothing but in sweatpants ban for passengers is nowhere specified. For flight crew, the situation is of course different.