Take off shoes on the plane?

Without shoes or barefoot on the plane

Tight seats, little space, then at least take off your shoes and relax. But is that even allowed or wise? So right away: It is not forbidden and therefore does not violate certain basic rules. So you're on the safe side here, you won't get any problems with the boarding personnel. However, this assumes that you do not spread unpleasant odors, then perhaps someone will intervene. However, there is another reason why you should not move without shoes on the plane.

Take off shoes on the plane

With socks on the plane

Those who want to be comfortable and walk through the plane in socks or barefoot risk coming into contact with the germs on the floor. After everyone has entered the plane with street shoes, leaving dirt and germs on the carpeted floors, there is a great risk that they will get on the socks or even directly on the soles of the feet. Packed back into the shoe when disembarking, the germs remain in a moist and warm environment and can cause inflammation or fungal diseases.

Basically, the airplanes are maintained by the airlines, but the standing time on the ground is certainly not enough for a really thorough cleaning. It is therefore not advisable to move around the aircraft without shoes.

Another reason is that it is narrow on the plane, the rows of seats close together, but such a seat must remain in its anchorage in the event of a hard landing, even with a heavy passenger, so the seats are anchored to the floor with strong struts. Bumping into the narrow aisle when walking fast without footwear can hurt badly. Another reason not to wear shoes on the plane.

What can be recommended is to loosen the shoes at the seat or to take them off completely for a short time. Here you can possibly put something underneath and thus minimize the risk of infection with germs. In general, however, it is advisable to wear comfortable and light footwear during a flight. In general, it makes sense to wear comfortable travel clothing. This will allow you to walk the longer distances at the airport with ease, avoid pressure points or even poor circulation while sitting and you will not be tempted to walk around the plane without shoes.

What do airlines recommend?

Airlines recommend sturdy shoes. So no slippers or the like. Why? Quite simply, neatly laced shoes, which also go over the heel stay on the foot. Even if there is turbulence and you have to leave the plane quickly, no one loses their shoes and there is no tripping hazard for subsequent passengers. However, there are also situations where the airlines require that the shoes be removed: When exiting the aircraft via the emergency slides. But let's hope not, especially since flying is a very safe mode of transport and using the emergency slides is extremely rare.


Sneakers on the feet during flights and you are on the safe side. The flexible sole ensures freedom of movement, the solid footwear protects against injuries and they are comfortable on top.

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Frequently asked questions

Are you allowed to take off your shoes on the plane?
It is not necessary to take off your shoes on the plane. However, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes as long flights can be stressful for the feet. Wear shoes that are easy to take off and put on so that you can move comfortably during the flight. If you decide to take off your shoes, make sure your feet are clean. It is also advisable to wear socks to keep dirt off the soles of your feet and to keep your feet warm. It is important to note that some airlines have certain dress codes in order to be allowed on board. This usually includes having to wear shoes. It is always advisable to check the airline's dress code before flying.